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Structured Finance gma-adm08 December 18, 2021
Leveraged Finance | Project Finance | Bond with Options
Structured Finance

Leveraged Leasing
We provide integrated financial advisory services to companies seeking to execute specific projects through leveraged leasing.

Project Finance
We offer a clear-cut financial advisory role in bringing corporate organisations to the capital market by way of right issues and preference share offers.
Our role is to act as an issuing house to companies undertaking right issues and preference share offers including advising and designing of:

    • We act as advisors on project finance transactions, advising developers on structuring, negotiating terms, preparing bids and raising finance for infrastructure projects.

    • We also advise government and other project sponsors on attracting finance for infrastructure projects.

    • We carry out feasibility studies and package the report.

    • We arrange and provide debt, capital markets and equity financing.

Bond With Options

In promoting new perspectives by offering tailored financial advisory services, GMA, has entered into a strategic partnership with a Euro based fund manager in offering Bond with options.
This product is for companies quoted or about to be quoted in the stock exchange. Unique features of the Bond with Option are its low yield, which offers a cheaper source of raising capital for companies, and the option of the bond holder to subscribe to the shares of the company at a pre-agreed price (strike price). GMA has successfully assisted both local and foreign companies to raise over $50m from this unique product.