Goldbanc Management Associates Limited takes asset management to a new level of unearthing free values through professionalism and delivery of unparalleled value added services. One of the cardinal goals of Goldbanc is to provide high-performing customised investment products for the excess capital in the hands of institutional investors in response to the reforms in the financial market and create more avenues to marshall these resources for the growth of the economy.

The firm has clear focus on Africa, extensive experience and tested expertise in key sectors along side working relationships with international portfolio management companies. Goldbanc is specialized in managing risks, has access to best funds and offers inimitable personalised service. Each client portfolio is specifically tailored to maximize the returns in line with the level of risk mutually agreed.

All these combinations make us the preferred partner for an ambitious skilled-workforce, fund investor, high net-worth individual or institution who shares our vision of value creation and commitment to operate with utmost integrity.