Wealth Management

Goldbanc Management Associates (GMA), one of Nigeria's leading managers of institutional and individual assets, provides disciplined, systematic investment strategies for customers of various sizes and investment objectives.

Our actively enhanced and passive investment strategies capitalize on technological and intellectual innovation as well as sound research techniques.

We also offer integrated solutions and trading services to customers who wish to outsource aspects of their investment programs.

We provide an array of customized investment solutions to asset managers, pension funds, hedge funds, insurance companies, collective funds, and nonprofits making organisations.

We offer fund accounting, fund administration, custody, investment outsourcing that are highly scalable and truly global.

With our expertise and local knowledge, we help our clients control costs, develop and launch competitive and high yield investment products.

Our goal is to enhance and preserve portfolio values for our clients through innovative portfolio strategies, trade process optimization, and global connectivity across multiple asset classes and markets. We have three broad products and several client-specific products:


  • GMA Note (Guaranteed Income Instrument)

  • Diamond Account (Stock Portfolio Management)

  • Platinum Account (Comprehensive Portfolio Management)